[Free DL] : Pattern Deleted [Tape destruction by icing]

Here’s the first input in this site.
Here I’ll disclose the way I work, share tracks and Jams, and give you some Emerging Patterns news or feels.
Here is the first (and it’ll be the only where « I » was here. From now on, patterns are merging.) :
Ice Pattern on Mills Lake
Ice Patterns on Mills Lake, Picture by Greg Willis
Pattern Deleted. All sounds came from the MFB522 mixed through zoom R16.
  • Zaquencer : Pattern Deleted.
  • MFB 522 : All sounds + R16 effects
    • Boss CS3 stompbox + bass preamp emulation + tunnel Echo on BASS DRUM
    • Detune Chorus effect on TOMS/CONGAS
    • Intro and outro noise : The sound of the MFB processed through the Boss CS3 stompbox.
    • Intro and outro clicks : Turn the MFB on and off.

Recorded in one take. Mixed and bounced on the R16.


Genre : Techno


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